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With music as his medium, Noam’s 22 years of industry experience coupled with his refined talent and absolute commitment to quality provide an unparalleled musical experience for project across the sound spectrum. Music has always been Noam’s mother tongue, as his diversified background from all angles of the commercial and artistic sound production process have provided him with a rich palate from which to meet every project . Such breadth and depth of musical knowledge provide Noam with the unique ability to translate a feeling music induces to the exact note and melody necessary to evoke that feeling.



Over the course of his career, Noam has acquired the intuitive capacity to identify with a project's needs, and translates that necessity into the sounds that will create the greatest impact on their desired audience. As a true connoisseur of the musical life cycle, Noam can both create pinpointed music from a vague concept, as well as reverse-engineer a process from a completed piece of music. For what may, to the less trained ear, sound like a collection of chords and beats, for Noam encapsulates an idea, an audience, a process and a purpose. This unique musical proficiency provides an unparalleled client experience, with the highest quality sounds on a variety of multiple platforms and the security of working with a truly innovative and experienced sound professional.












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